PRIVATE SESSION SHARING - Clients who share private sessions with family or friends can expect significant savings per person.  Private groups can include anywhere from 2-5 people.  These group sessions can be used for boxing training by appointment.  The more people involved in the private sessions, the cheaper the cost per person.  Session sharing adds just $20 to individual session prices, regardless of how many total people.  Call for exact current pricing.

MULTIPLE SESSIONS PER WEEK DISCOUNT - For anyone who trains 2x/week, 3x/week, or 4+x/week, cheaper & cheaper rates apply respectively.  The goal is to make it more affordable for those who want to really want to immerse themselves in training multiple times per week.  Mixing boxing sessions with outdoor walk/jog sessions pair particularly well for those looking to significantly improve conditioning and lose weight.  Call for exact discounts.

Call Kevin at 617-571-6341 to discuss any other current discounts & promotions.