Q What if I have no experience at all with boxing, have no interest in competing, and just want a good workout?

A:  No problem!  The majority of our clients start training here as complete beginners to boxing, and have various motivations, including but not limited to:  curiousity about the sport, wanting to learn self-defense, weight loss, core strength, cross-training for other sports...  We can accomodate clients of all levels of fitness, and what you decide to do with the skills and conditioning acquired through your training is completely up to you.  Sparring is optional.  For those that do choose to spar, safety is our first concern, and we take things slowly, starting with barely-any-contact sparring drills with the instructor, gradually increasing intensity as long as the client is comfortable. 

Many of our clients have truly surprised themselves;  after starting as people who never thought of themselves as "tough" or the "fighting type", many soon find out that you don't have to be born with natural toughness or strength, but rather just need to possess the tenacity to push yourself, learn the skills, and practice.

QWhat if I am actually interested in potentially competing as a fighter, either in boxing or MMA?

A:  13 Strikes Boxing & Fitness is an excellent place to start!  Many people are curious about their potential to fight competitively, but it is sometimes hard to know how to go about it.  It can be intimidating to walk alone into a competitive boxing or MMA gym for the first time if you do not yet know for sure that you even want to compete.

If you choose 13 Strikes Boxing & Fitness, you will acquire the fundamentals, technique and level of conditioning you will need to be able to confidently protect yourself in sparring/competition.  After developing your abilities one step at a time, you will progress very gradually from light to full contact sparring, first with the instructor, & eventually with other past/present clients who continue to participate in our sparring groups.  We strive to develop a large, diverse sparring group, so you can really get a true sense of where you stand before making any commitment to compete.  Once you've developed a firm grasp on boxing fundamentals and are ready, we can help you choose the right path to becoming a competitive fighter.

Q:  Am I too old, too out of shape, or have too many chronic injuries to take this type of training on?

A:  Absolutely not.  Here, there is no age limit. No pressure to ever compete.  No feeling that you are taking up space in a crowded gym full of fighters in various stages of preparation.  Here you can get sparring catered to whatever level you are at, either just with your instructor, or within a sparring group full of people of varying levels of experience all learning, improving, getting in shape,  & having a blast while doing it.  The best time to learn how to box may have been 20 years ago, but the next best time is now.