RESULTS-BASED COST INCENTIVE TRAINING - This program bases cost of training on weight loss each week.  This type of incentive is designed to keep a client disciplined with their eating & lifestyle beyond the few hours a week spent with their trainer.  After final goal weight and weekly weight loss goals have been determined, weigh-ins each week will determine the cost of the upcoming weeks training.  If a client meets their weekly goal, they will be able to train for lower rates until the next weigh-in.  Conversely, if the client does not meet their goal, then they pay a slightly higher rate for sessions until the next weigh-in.  A successful client will be able to get private training for much cheaper than any other client not choosing this program.  If you're ready to take some real personal responsibility for what the scale says, this is the program that will reward you for that discipline!

PRIVATE SESSION SHARING - Clients who share private sessions with family or friends can expect significant savings per person.  Private groups can include anywhere from 2-5 people.  These group sessions can be used for boxing training or personal training sessions by appointment.  The more people involved in the private sessions, the cheaper the cost per person.  See our pricing page for typical group session rates.  Call for exact current prices/deals.

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