Training Locations

As part of the family at Meara's Martial Arts (http://www.mmajc.com/) at 6 Cedar St. Woburn, MA, we have access to the excellent facility to do the majority of client training there most days of the week.  In some situations, clients can also choose to have their training done at home, outdoors, or at select health clubs.



 Kevin R. Gerstel, CSCS



If you are interested in pushing your body and mind to the limits in order to attain an extremely high level of physical fitness, 13 Strikes Boxing & Fitness is the right place for you.  We offer a wide variety of paths to choose from to help you achieve your own unique fitness goals.  Whether you are looking to improve body composition, learn boxing skills as a hobby, or even enter the world of competitive boxing or MMA, we can fulfill your training needs.




Training Options

One of the greatest strengths of 13 Strikes Boxing & Fitness is the versatility of training options available to clients.  Private training sessions can be done 1-on-1, or in small groups of friends, family, co-workers, etc.  Boxing training/lessons are our flagship method of training, which gives the client complete immersion in authentic boxing training & conditioning. Personal training can involve help with designing & periodizing customized resistance training routines, periodic fitness and body composition evaluations, as well as unique aerobic & anaerobic conditioning programs.   Yet another option, intense private boot camp sessions, called 13 Steps To Fitness, is a chance to undergo total body conditioning in a pressure-free private format.